Bloody Bird Productions has a talented and loyal team with a wide range of expertise. We can tackle just about any project from pre-production, shooting, editing, advanced CGI or animation, as well as sound recording, re-recording or editing.

Based in Paris, we are equipped to take on numerous projects simultaneously. Our equipment includes efficient workstations, a « DaVINCI » calibration room, an anechoic sound room and a dedicated, air-conditioned « render farm » featuring the latest generation of processors.



Whether you require character design, creative content development, graphic design or print-ready artwork, we’ve got you covered!

Animation / CGI / VFX

Commercials, Shortfilms

We are constantly researching and developing our internal tools and techniques to guarantee the best performance and highest quality for our CGI projects.

Creative Team

Sky is the limit

Creativity and imagination are essential to the success of your projects. Our teams can work with you from initial concept through to final production.


Using the latest technologies

Together with our studio partners, we are able to capture your footage using the latest audio-visual standards and technologies.

Why us?

Best Animation & 3D Team

8 Years of Experience

Professional Equipment